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The Global <br/>Macro Fund

Asset Management

Quantic offers eligible high-net-worth individual and institutional investors the opportunity to invest in funds. When it comes to fund management we pride ourselves on our excellent client support, our transparency, and our commitment to achieving strong and sustainable long-term results for all those who invest with us.

The Global
Macro Fund

Quantic offers eligible investors the opportunity to invest in our Global Macro Fund. It is a Professional Investor Fund, incorporated under the Malta Financial Services Authority, and is available to high-net-worth institutional and individual investors.
Our approach to managing the fund includes:
strong focus on
use of
statistical analysis

"The essence of investment management is the management of risk, not the management of returns."

Benjamin Graham

Global Macro


The Global Macro Fund was established in 2016. It is underpinned by two tested investment strategies, one focusing on global indices and the other on global currency pairs.


In 2017, we worked on reducing the volatility of the performances and consequently the risk taken in the trading strategies. The result was a more linear performance with smoothed fluctuations.


After managing to smooth the volatility, in 2018, we introduced a new trading approach, which provided a better diversification in the trading activity within the same asset classes.
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