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Quantic is a rapidly evolving investment firm. We offer multiple partnership opportunities to individuals, businesses and institutions seeking to expand their position in the finance industry. Like our business partners, we are driven by performance, offering high-quality products and services. Our partners share not only our passion for finance, but also our commitment to delivering strong results, and they benefit from highly-competitive compensation plans.
Become a Referral <br/>Partner

Become a Referral

All good partnerships are built on trust. By partnering with Quantic, you will be partnering with an established, reputable investment firm that values transparency and efficiency. We are fully-regulated, with streamlined international operations, and products suitable for both individual and institutional clients.
With us, you will be able to offer your clients not only innovative investment solutions but also a world-class portfolio management service.
Referral Partner's Benefits
  • Bespoke commission plans
  • Outstanding marketing support
  • Quick onboarding process
  • Timely reporting and performance analysis
Become an <br/>Affiliate

Join Our Network
Of Affiliates

We welcome partnerships with affiliates specializing in finance and related sectors. We understand that each of our partners has a unique vision and marketing strategy, and as such, we offer tailor-made agreements that are aligned with your business goals.
With Quantic, you can be sure of a carefully planned partnership that is designed to be long-lasting and profitable.
Affiliate's Benefits
  • Multiple commission structures
  • Tailor-made agreements
  • High-quality marketing materials
  • Dedicated affiliate support team
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